visual me #11

Nina Levett`s aware of the visual codes she`s dealing with: Mixing traditional symbolism with sexual stuff or reducing a woman`s conventional role as a house-wife to absurdity. Criticism is inherent in her work, which is currently shown at

Rudolf Budja Gallery,
Palais Küenburg,
Wiener Philaharmonikergasse 3,
March 27 – May 15, 2010

credits: Nina Levett

The Alpine Poesy collection is comprised of traditional symbols that are printed on products, and also presented on textiles with the Austrian Alps embroidered style of ‘Heimat’. Mixing these traditional symbols with sexual images is somewhat strange and they work in contrast to each other. The combination of sex and Alps is a sort of sweet and sour mixture. It is unusual and comprises a type of criticism. It shouts. Open your eyes! Open your mouth! We’re all just human. The typical West-Austrian Alpine traditional symbolism has no space for sex, so I find it interesting to force these two themes together.

credits: Nina Levett

The subject chosen for these bags were flowers and alpine motives, a combination of two themes I worked on for several years.  The colours are a combination of nailcolour glosses.
Camouflage Couture is about repeating images, much like the militarylook of it’s namesake. The patterns are combined in wallpaper, fashion,plates and accessories, and furniture so that they all blend into one and disappear.

My designs work with the fact that the woman of the house has historically been seen as a sort of household object; looking nice, perfect body, being sexy and speaking rarely. So, I thought the perfect clothing to go with this idea of the ‘housewife’ could be pieces that make her disappear; they would be the same color and print as the tiles in the bathroom, or as the sheets on the bed, all blending into one. This is the bag you can put over her head in case she didn’t have her hair done today or she’s without makeup….

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