Chicago-based MAS Studio`s portfolio covers the tremendous field between collaborative architecture and urban design – not to forget about doing research or working on exhibitions. It goes without saying, that its rather amazing multidisciplinary approach is obviously the best base for publishing a magazine: MAS Context is a quarterly published magazine on the context of urbanity. Each issue treats one topic – there already were issues titled ‘More’, ‘Events’, ‘Work’, ‘Living’ and the current new and prolific issue`s called ‘Energy’. MAS Context is defined as a ‘platform of discussion and collaboration where relevant proposals, ideas, and experiences are shared’.

MAS Context prepares essays, photographs, diagrams, interviews, case studies and specially commissioned films from contributors with different backgrounds to open new perspectives. It can be ordered as print copy or downloaded (for free) here. If you feel like contributing to the upcoming MAS Context| 6 Summer 10 on ‘Amusement’, contact submission [at] before April 16, 2010.


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