role-making, role-taking.

Flyer of Exhibition, Scan

A few weeks a go I took the chance to visit Danica Dakic`s first comprising monographic exhibition ‘Role-Taking, Role-Making‘ with a guided tour by the artist herself. Dakic`s unpretentious and genuinely character seems to be quite essential to her artistic work: She`s travelling to areas which are still suffering from war to interact with marginalized people. Dakic (born 1962 in Zagreb is now living in Düsseldorf) abandoned her architectural studies in Bosnia to concentrate on art. As context and environment play an important role in her work, the spatial impact is still inherent to her photographic or film based pieces: In photographs she uses special printed wallpapers with mostly historic motives arranging people in front of them. As the wallpapers add a kind of fictive room to the situation, two levels can be found in her pictures: a documentary and a fictive one.
Context and environment  play an important role in Danica Dakic`s work. The most impressive piece for me is ‘Isola Bella’. Dakic visited a Bosnian care home for disabled, who survived the war. Bringing about 300 traditional British Victorian masks to the care home, a piano, a wallpaper and technical stuff used for a stage play, Dakic and her team arranged a fascinating piece throughout 30 days of intensive interaction. The players faces melt together with the half-masks, you never know, who`s exactly behind the mask. Identity, perception and social roles get challenged and the viewer`s left alone with a straight and impressive presentation on a stage in a merely forgotten care home in Pazaric, Bosnia.

Danica Dakic
Role-making, Role-taking
January 22 -May 16, 2010
Generali Foundation, Vienna

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