Market Academy Naschmarkt (MAN) / (III)

What is the Market Academy Naschmarkt (MAN)?

[…] Market Academy Naschmarkt’s aim is to create awareness and to take advantage of a market in transition, amongst the market standholders – but also amongst experts, activists, designers, politicians, and public institutions concerned with the future of the Naschmarkt. With their direct involvement the Market Academy Naschmarkt will develop and reinvent market knowledge. Ideas, products and actions able to spark off a revitalization of the market itself and a constructive debate about its future development.
The Market Academy Naschmarkt is an experimental factory for the invention of new practices and the stimulus of new forms of entrepreneurial attitudes. It is an engaging instrument, encouraging market people to come together and to make space for a collective regeneration of the market.
The Market Academy Naschmarkt is a research project by Lucia Babina and Henriette Waal that addresses the
Naschmarkt, the “monumental” market of Vienna, as it was designed by the architect Otto Wagner in the first decade of the Twentieth century. […]

The following MAN-actions make up the market academy by Lucia Babina and Henriette Waal:

MAN-Reception is located in the booth of Tateus, one of the Naschmarkt standholders. Part of his stall turns into a coffee corner welcoming occasional visitors and participants in the activities of the academy. The reception provides for information about the Market Academy Naschmarkt and its activities. But it is also a place to exchange ideas and opinions about the market, to discuss and confront. The reception will open officially on Saturday May 29, 2010 from the morning and will remain open on Monday 31 May, Tuesday 1 and Wednesday 2 June.

MAN-Talks provide personal held talks with experts form the market.
The audience of the Wienerfestwochen and visitors of the Naschmarkt are invited to attend one or more of the talks held by the market teachers/standholders. During a specific time of the day (from 31 May to 2 June 2010) standholders are available to meet with small groups of visitors at a time in the Knoedel Fakultaet, in order to tell their stories, to share their knowledge, to engage in a discussion. Reservations are accepted in the Market Academy Naschmarkt Reception.

MAN-Knoedel Fakultaet is an informal kitchen that is situated in the market itself and opens only when the Market Academy Naschmarkt Talks or other special events take place. Its name reminds of the Hauswirtschaftsschule (household management schools for girls) but it experiments especially with Knoedels and other food made out of vegetables and fruits disposed from the market. The intention is to create a space for gatherings and discussions, for inventing new products and for breeding ideas and dreams. Opening days are 29 May, 2010, 31 May, 1 and 2 June.

MAN-Pamphlet will be distributed at MAN Reception and all over the market.
It is leaflet distributed in the market, with the support of Augustin magazine (magazine written and distributed by homeless in Vienna). The pamphlet intends to trigger thoughts and debate around the market. It collects statements from experts, activists, politicians, market people, market visitors, etc.

MAN-Drechsler time
The owner of Cafe Drechsler, next to the Naschmarkt, used to distribute coffee for free every morning in the Naschmarkt and to have a chat with all the standholders. We have been told he knew exactly how to satisfy the way each of the standholders liked to drink coffee. A mobile coffee device will renew this tradition, on Monday 31 May, Tuesday 1 June and Wednesday 2 June in the morning. The Drechsler time is a way to create an intimate moment with the market people, to connect with them and exchange ideas about the market.

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