on the market.

In the frame of the Market Academy Naschmarkt, I´ve been invited to contribute a statement for the Academy`s Pamphlet. The Pamphlet has been  distributed in the market, with the support of Augustin magazine (magazine written and distributed by homeless in Vienna).

The pamphlet intends to trigger thoughts and debate around the market. It collects statements from experts, activists, politicians, market people, market visitors, etc.

There have been also been statements from Peter Mörtenböck and Helge Mooshammer, Elke Krasny, Barbara Neuroth, Johannes Lingenhel, Marjetica Potrc and Angelika Herburger.

Personally speaking, I visit the market because of it`s vivid atmosphere. I get the freshest products in the best quality directly from the regional farmers. Meeting the people, who are responsible for the production and planting of the products is essentially for me to trust in the products` quality. It`s always a special experience being personally introduced in the products` distinctions by the sellers themselves.

Public space currently experiences a crisis: it evermore becomes privatized, limiting the participatory practices, that give a market its identity, atmosphere and social function.
Privatization leads to scarcity of space, time and resources, making them a commodity that can in- or exclude social groups and practices as well as exercise mechanisms of social control.
Hence, limiting the access to public space enforces and reproduces powershifts that slip out of public awareness.

To secure the market as a public space for interaction and performance, that falls and rises due to the activities of all people and their transactions, the people themselves should be involved, when it comes to decide, who has access to the market and who not. To ensure the heterogeneity of public space in general and the Naschmarkt in particular, it is inevitable to strengthen its inhabitants identity as well as their capacities to act.

Carmen Rüter

Peter Mörtenböck & Helge Mooshammer

Elke Krasny

Marjetica Potrc

Johannes Lingenhel

Angelika Herburger

Barbara Neuroth



2 responses to “on the market.

  1. Das sind schöne Erinnerungen


    ich hab da auch noch ein paar bezaubernde abzüge für dich ;-)
    meld mich anfang juli, dann ist der stress vorbei.

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