living pocket.

credit: STREETSWIKI, Paley Park, Midtown Manhattan, NYC

How to bring nature into city-life and enrich cities with green, sustainable and calm havens? Build a pocket park!
It`s worth to have a look at STREETSWIKI and Projects for Public Spaces to get an overview of possibilities in the field of New Urbanism.

“Pocket parks are very small parks that typically comprise only one or two lots within a block.
They are usually developed on vacant lots or irregular pieces of land. Surrounded by existing development on three sides, they literally form a small “pocket” among other buildings. These little parks can bring shade, quiet, and enhanced property values to blighted areas, and they often turn up in unexpected places. They are not necessary always urban, but can be found in small towns and in low-density areas. For example, small parks located near street-ends at the coast have been termed pocket parks because they are adjacent to residences. Pocket parks are generally too small for physical activities and may be locked or gated when not in use. Open parks that fill an entire city block and are bordered by streets on all sides are usually NOT considered pocket parks, no matter how small they are.” (streetswiki)

credit: Hiroko Masuike via New York Times: Greenacre Park, NYC

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