on quilting.

Prototypes made up of vintage A.P.C. fabrics, designed by Jessica Ogden & Jean Touitou

Now that french fashion label A.P.C. hosts its own blog called A.P.C.Journal, I wonder why it`s again a label-owned blog that`s way of boring.
Even though everything seems to be correct: first thing they did right is installing a blog. They use a contemporary, straight theme – well done, for there`re some people outside who like to READ texts as well as looking at pictures and do neither want to see nor use any cheerful animated style sheets.
A look at the content reveals stuff around the label itself as there`re information about their latest collaboration with Australian based AESOP, A.P.C. staff events, one picture of Lou Doillon getting shot for their upcoming campaign and of course fragmentary info on their latest collection. But where can I find their Facebook or Twitter account?
Same thing to the blog The Journal Swedish label ACNE installed on their web-site. (Journal seems to be a favored name for the blogs of fashion labels).
It´s definitely not the brand itself telling the stories the most interesting.
The fact, that the more information you publish on related fields and even other brands, will connect you with the rest of the world is far too often disregarded. Instead of spreading their knowledge, most brands seem to focus on fighting the potential competition by holding back information. This won`t let their blog grow to an interesting pool, that will be visited by a huge audience.
A really professional example still is the blog of German fashion house OTTO “Two for Fashion”: Two fixed writers based in New York and Berlin post anything that`s fun in fashion and add their very personal touch. From time to time you can find guest writers. Actions like a “blogger parade” involving their readers or other bloggers by contributing their own content as well on their own blogs and on Two for Fashion.
There`s also “here & now“, I´d like to mention in this context: The blog is related to mono.kultur, a magazine based in Berlin and they also do create their own fashion collection “mono.gramm”. here & now prepares you with almost everything that`s going on in the cultural field and is definitely worth to wander into your RSS Feed reader…
Finally, dear people from A.P.C. or ACNE, just compare your blog to the vintage quilts of the A.P.C. autumn/winter collection: a beautiful quilt consists of the right combination of materials, colours and patterns. So don`t be shy to put together all ingredients, why not mix them up with some “vintage information”  and let this blog come a live.
Ah, and just one thing at the end: The medium is the message…


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