visual me #16

credits: heenan, more pictures here

Francesca Woodman`s (*1958 Denver / †1981 NYC) images critically reflect the construction of reality in photographic visualization. Interested in how people relate to space, Woodman is looking for the conciliation of the three-dimensional world in the two-dimensional photograph. Seeing the body as a fragile alliance connecting the self to space, she is operating with a wide range of female representation tools in her self-portraits as well as in showcasing models. Her work stands for  a constant experience within the boundaries of  body and psyche.
A few weeks before her tragically death by the age of 23 in 1981, she publishes the book Some Disordered Interior Geometries.
Woodman is seen as a pioneer of post-feminist artists such as Cindy Sherman, Nan Goldin or Sarah Lukas.
“Written opinions abound, both for and against the feminist reading, the Lacanian interpretations, the categorisation of the atmospheres created by Woodman with the ,American Gothic’ label, the temptation to read her work as autobiographical, her relationship with Surrealism, Woodman as a narcissist, or as the opposite of narcissism, or her challenging the idea of the photographic image as a certainty.”*

*Isabel Tejeda: Portrait of the artist as an adolescent. Francesca Woodman, strategies of the imperceptible. In: Francesca Woodman. Mailand 2009, p. 81.

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