space shuttle #5

credit: BLINK

+++ READ +++

+++ ASSEMBLY JOURNAL preparing FIXING A ROAD IN JOHANNESBURG: 26’10 Architects on informal architecture +++  report plus interview with architects Thorsten Deckler and Anne Graupner on their research project about the spatial dynamics of a Johannesburg suburb +++

+++ ES GIBT NICHTS ZU APPLAUDIEREN +++ report on a feminist intervention at Secession Vienna in the frame of the work  “Iron Mask, White Torture” +++ nine women reading texts of female theoreticians about intersectionality +++

+++ NOW IS WHERE +++ contemporary art magazine +++ “an accumulation ground for socio-political, aesthetic realities of the present +++

+++ REM KOLHAAS awarded Gold Lion for Venice Architecture Biennale +++ Dezeen offers a special category “Rem Kolhaas” for an overview of his work +++

+++ Japanese architect KAZUO SHINOHARA is honored with a special commemorative Golden Lion at Venice Architectural Biennale +++ “Shinohara was a person who thought directly about the symbolism inherent in space and how that symbolism relates to individuals. In one way, he thought about how that symbolism was formed in the context of Japanese tradition but in another, he was concerned with more abstract geometries and the randomness of the city.” +++ via

+++ VISIT +++

+++ BEHIND THE FOURTH WALL Fictitious Lives – Lived Fictions +++ June 2 – August 15, 2010 +++ exhibition at Generali Foundation, Vienna +++ “How real is reality when the difference between being and appearance has long since been abolished with the transformation of reality into an impenetrable surface?” +++

+++ WERKSCHAU IBA +++ exhibition at Kunstverein, Hamburg +++ June 6 – September 23, 2010 +++ halftime at IBA Hamburg:  how do German planners, architects and artists meet contemporary urban and environmental challenges? +++

+++  FRIEDERIKE HELWIG SKYPE +++ exhibition at Galerie für Moderne Fotografie, Berlin +++ July 9 – September 9, 2010 +++

+++ BLINK local festival +++ July 23 – August 1 , 2010 +++ artist led interventions on Northampton`s historic Market Square +++ London +++

+++ exhibition DREAMLANDS at Centre Pompidou, Paris +++ how is a city imagined ? and how do these imaginations become realized? +++ find report and interview at Aesthetica Magazine +++

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