design: Nikki Hiatt

What about the interaction between the city and food? How do they shape each other? The Foodprint Project connects cities and people through various ongoing lectures and discussions with people of different backgrounds. While most sectors of daily life are going through optimizations, one of the most essential and necessary action in human life the intercourse with food is put on the side line. Foodprint`s aim is to explore 21st-century-urbanism through the lens of food to generate awareness of manipulations which regulate our patterns of behavior and consumption. There`ll be a focus on the direct influence that urban planning, architecture and infrastructure have on our everyday life. Foodprint Project is curated by Sara Rich and Nicola Twilley.

In my mind, part of the big challenge around food in the 21st century is in making it a higher priority both within systems and for individuals. In schools, in hospitals, at home, in commercial zones—everywhere we go, the act of feeding ourselves is often an afterthought and the desire to spend money on food is very low. The ramifications touch education, health, tax burdens, environmental quality, the list goes on. As we think about what our cities will look like in the future, I think it’s important for food to be an integral part of the conversation so that we design infrastructure and services that improve rather than degrade food systems and human health. *

* Sara Rich in an interview with Pruned


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