the city speaks.

credits: Linda Pollak

Linda Pollak, architect, educator and landscape designer, explores the city in her very special way: Why not look down while strolling about urban space? What you see may give advice to the topics of construction and settlement and the social and physical dynamics of built environment. The series “Cuts and Patches” shows how space is shaped by forces such as constant movement of pedestrians, cars or natural forces like water running down the streets. “My interest in curbs relates to my research into boundaries as places of encounter, where two or more things come together, with different possibilities for mediation or engagement. […] An integrated approach to diverse urban components and systems—stormwater, vegetation, movement, social spaces– makes it possible to construct environments that are consistent and memorable and operative and economical. We need to be able to understand relationships between phenomena in order to build productive frameworks that engage and support those phenomena, in spaces that enable interaction of social and environmental processes”, explains Pollak in an interview with Urban Omnibus.

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