credits: Ron Herron, A Walking City

EXP, an architectural research group at the University of Westminster, originated the The Archigram Archival Project, which provides a wide range of Archigram projects for public viewing and academic studies.
In the 60`s the English architects David Greene, Dennis Crompton, Peter Cook, Michael Webb, Ron Herron and Warren Chalk agitated against the conservative British architecture. Their  9-Penny-magazine ARCHIGRAM filled with drawings and texts by Crompton, comics by Hook, collages and drawings by Herron and Chalk, essays and poems by Greene and drafts of inflatable living shells by Webb was unexpectedly successful –  they even had an exhibition at the Institute for Contemporary Arts in London in 1963.
Archigram also connotes the name of the group ARCHItecture-teleGRAM. Their most famous visions for the future of architecture were based on the idea of the city as a living organism, the “Living City”. Mobile capsules for living like the Plug-In-City (Peter Cook) or the Walking City offered the new possibilities to adapt to constantly changing environmental or social conditions. The liveworld of a new society shouldn`t be relinquished to speculators. In 2002 Archigram was honored with the Royal Gold Medal for Architecture. None of their designs has ever been realized.


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