dust lines.

The team of mono.kultur took Cyprien Gaillard at his word by claiming ‘In order to make something beautiful you’ve got to destroy it’ – so the pages of the current issue ‘mono.kultur #24’ are left untrimmed and the readers are required to damage the issue for full enjoyment!
Gaillard is a major emerging artist on the international art scene questioning human traces in nature through the use of large scale interventions in public space, performance, painting, photography, sculpture, video and etching. Call his work rich in variety dealing with subjects as vandalism, urbanism, the effects of architecture and the contradictions of a modern society.

mono.kultur #24
Cyprien Gaillard: Dust Lines
“My work starts when and where the archaeologists left off.”

Interview by Elodie Evers and Matthias Sohr
Introduction by Catharina Manchanda
Artwork by Cyprien Gaillard
Design by Bureau Mario Lombardo
English / 48 Pages / 15 x 20 cm / €4

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