credits: Turit Fröbe, Karstadt building in Kiel

credits: Turit Fröbe, building in Duisburg

credits: Turit Fröbe, “elephant toilett” in Giessen

credits: Turit Fröbe, holiday apartments in Scharbeutz, on the Baltic Sea near Lübeck

credits: Turit Fröbe, house in Darmstadt

Turit Fröbe who is a German architect at the Berlin University of the Arts has been taking photos of architectural sins in cities all over Germany.  In times when the style and brand fetishism have already reached the toilet paper, it`s quite necessary to get faced with rather unfashionable objects and to deepen the discussion of bigoted and constructed beauty ideals – may this be in virtual or urban spaces, in fashion or design. Spiegel Online International has a readable article on architectural missteps made in Germany after World War II, featuring Turit Fröbe, Albert Speer jun., Christoph Mäckler and Merlin Bauer and their approaches to “ugly” urban space.


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