I do not do art instead of yoga or therapy.*

all pictures: work by Monika Benvicini via Yatzer

Monica Bonvicini explores the interaction between space, gender and power with a focus on architecture and public space, politics and representation, working world and sexuality. Her work examines and deconstructs the inherent logics of public and private space and reveals and criticizes the institutional system. Visit her exhibition “Both Ends” at Fridericianum, Kassel until November 14! The following excerpt and the *headline of this post were published in an interview with FlasArtonline:

[…] No, art has no gender. It does not wear lipstick or shake a dick. Those who make it, write about it, see it, buy and sell it have a gender. I started working on the issue of gender in the 90`s. Works of mine that are understood as feminist were dealing with the construction of sexual identity through architecture. Of course I became more interested in researching female identity and in criticizing the male later on. […]
In my works I am talking about the impossibility of defining gender, about the social, cultura, economical and political architecture of identities, and I am criticizing any given stereotypes in it.
I think it is old fashioned to talk about feminist art now, after the gender ‘invasion,’ but it is, sadly enough, again very necessary since it seems we are living in very conservative times. It is difficult to think about any performance, concept or languagerelated art without thinking about feminist artists. I do agree with the psychoanalyst Umberto Galimberti who says that the biggest revolutions in history have something to do with women’s emancipation. By the way, everybody can wear lipstick, and a dick to shake is not a difficult thing to organize…[…]

Both Ends
August 28 – November 14, 2010
Kunsthalle Fridericianum, Kassel


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