orte #11

Elmaar Haardt: Nordrampe 2008 from the series Topografien der Durchfahrt

Elmaar Haardt, Bonnekampstraße 2007 from the series Nord

Elmaar Haardt. COOP 2010 from the series Bondeno

The exhibition Drei Orte shows a section from Elmar Haartdt`s series Nord (North), Bondeno and Topografien der Durchfahrt (Topographies of Transition). Haardt visited three different locations – the Italian Po Valley, the region around the Gotthard Road Tunnel in Switzerland and the north of Essen in the Ruhr area in Germany. Although all places have local specifics the photos show similarities on closer inspection. The visual comparison shows commonplaces which reveal the bizarre environmental surroundings of human being.

Elmaar Haardt
Drei Orte
November 17 – January 2011
vhs-photogalerie Stuttgart

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