neon frontiers.

installation detail, Jakob Neulinger, Souvereign, 2010*

I visited unORTnung VI the last part of a series of exhibitions which focuses on the temporary use of space. The series was dedicated to urban and peripheral locations in Vienna, plumbing their historical, contemporary or global relations.
The location a former institute of cartography  in Vienna`s district will soon be transformed into an old people`s home. Due to the history of the unoccupied building the artists were invited to develop and present critical work discussing the location`s inherent military history, methods of mapping and performances.
I found some projects I really liked which I´ll introduce during the next days.

*Souvereign by Jakob Neulinger is a framework made out of a deformed chandelier. A filament makes it`s way around the construction, prevailing its own imperial terrain Souvereign creates its own frame of reference.




4 responses to “neon frontiers.

  1. glückwunsch zum neuen design, sieht jut aus!

  2. carmen

    danke! (ging ganz einfach und war auch noch kostenlos :-))

  3. Spannend. Spannend, spannend, spannend. Hier so generell.

  4. carmen

    @magda: das geb ich gleich mal zurück und stöber ein wenig bei euch*

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