orte #13

credits: Marinaga Donneix, from the series paysages sur commandes, from left to right: Panorama, New York, 2005 / Sound studio, Helsinki, 2006 / Trees and neons, Paris, 2004 / Corridor, Madrid, 2004

Dear friends, the small plastic trees no longer blossom in our gymnasiums, we will not make a scandal because the hospitality was as good as we had hoped for, the housekeeping was well done, the rooms overlook chosen landscapes, there is a different sun for each day that goes by, golf courses where the grass is so beautiful that we chew it, ruminate it, waiting to become champions. […]
The encounters are planned in parks, deserts, beaches equipped to facilitate our reunion. As soon as the signal is given, we move our lips to smile or speak. We have a few minutes to occupy the space without fear of being scolded.[…]*

*excerpt from: Amaury da Cunha, After the image




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