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Hamburg, Beim Grünen Jäger, 2010, seen with Leica R7

[…] The marking and manifestation of shared memories in city spaces have recently entered a new and expensive realm. On the one hand, cities attempt to position themselves as brands – increasingly thought through and packaged as cultural events and destinations. This has been accelerated by cultural policies that support the construction of regional identities often through recurring activities – art biennales, music fairs and theatre festivals. […]And, on the other hand, groups and individuals are using new technologies – digital cameras, websites, print-on-demand publishing – to examine, produce, circulate and archive their own memories of place. Often working at an informal and personal level, they unearth recollections and reconfigure significant shared histories that have been frequently misunderstood or excluded from dominant narratives. The shift towards focusing on localised or individual experiences allows for a reframing of prevailing accounts and for a counter-discourse to emerge. […]*

*Naik, Deepa;  Oldfield, Trenton(2009). Introduction: Public Memory. In: Naik, Deepa;  Oldfield, Trenton (Eds.). Critical Cities, Volume 1. London: Myrdle Court Press, pp. 170-198

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