quote #4

seen with Canon 7D, Vienna, 2011

The way we think about architecture is organized by the way we think about the relationships between inside and outside, private and public.
With modernity there is a shift in these relationships, a displacement pf the traditional sense of an inside, an enclosed space, established in clear opposition to an outside. All boundaries are now shifting. This shifting becomes manifest everywhere: in the city, of course, but also in all the technologies that define the space of the city: the railroad, newspapers, photography, electricity, advertisements, reinforced concrete, glass, the telephone, film, radio, … war. Each can be understood as a mechanism that disrupts the older boundaries between inside and outside, public and private, night and day, depth and surface, here and there, street and interior, and so on. /Beatriz Colomnia, Privacy and Publicity. Modern Architecture as Mass Media, 1996: 12/


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