hospital`s details.

Hospital Hietzing, Vienna, details southern side

The Lainzer Versorgungshaus (a single house for medical care) in Vienna`s 13th district has been expanded to Lainzer Hospital consisting of various detached houses before the beginning of World War I.
Due to the spread of tuberculosis the TBC Pavilon with 320 beds have been added in the years 1929/30 according to the plans of the architects Fritz Judtmann and Egon Riss.
A closer side to the north and an open front on the southern side are part of the pavilion`s clear concept and form and inner structure. Men`s and women`s department were originally located on the right and left sides of the building, while common rooms and those for therapies were in the middle.
The TBC-Pavilion can be seen as a model for social democratic social hygiene. Nowadays the hospital is named Krankenhaus Hietzing.

Lainzer Krankenhaus
TBC Pavillon
Wolkersbergenstraße 1
1130 Vienna

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