join SKuOR!

Today the following press release by SKuOR reached me. I´d like to spread the news, for this is one of the most interesting fields of innovative, experimental and interdisciplinary research in spatial issues I can imagine right now:

Module 11 at Vienna UT, Faculty of Architecture and Planning!
Are you a student from spatial planning, sociology, architecture, geography, landscape architecture or other space related disciplines like fine arts or economics interested in understanding how economic mechanisms work in public spaces? Do you question how the production and provision of public spaces has changed in a globalized, post-Fordist world, especially considering public spaces and urban culture as two utterly vulnerable fields of societal interaction characterizing contemporary cities? Do you want to learn about diverging interests, disputed resources, and on ethnic and migrant economies? Do you seek to understand how practitioners work at the interface between urban development, economics and ethics?

Go ahead – join us! In summer term 2011, the Interdisciplinary Centre for Urban Culture and Public Space ( will focus on economic activities regarding street markets in Budapest and Vienna. Together we will particularly investigate the role of informal and ethnic economies and on market sphere mechanisms bottom-up.

Take your chance! The SKuOR is dedicated at combining experimental and innovative approaches between spatial research and spatial planning and design, between theory and practice. Dialectically, the interdisciplinary team, consisting of Prof. Dr. Sophie Watson (City of Vienna Visiting Professor 2011 – Senior [Know Why], Expertise in Sociology and Urban Studies), Dipl.-Kfm. Tore Dobberstein (City of Vienna Visiting Professor 2011 – Junior [Know How], expertise in urban development and economics studies), Dr. Sabine Knierbein (SKuOR Assistant Professor, Expertise in European Urban Studies and Landscape Architecture), DI MBA Roland Krebs (External Expert 2011, Vienna Expertise in urban planning) and MAS Levente Polyák, (External Expert 2011, Expertise in architecture and urban studies) will provide critical and proactive perspectives on the annual issue and the theme of the semester.

Interested? Join the kick-off meeting on 8th of March 2011, 4pm at Karlsgasse 13/1, Vienna.

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  1. oh, that sounds quite interesting!

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