diorama maps.

credits: Sohei Nishino, Diorama Maps,Istanbul, October 2010- January 2011, Light jet print, 1500×1515 mm

credits: Sohei Nishino, Diorama Maps, Kyoto, June – October 2003, Light jet print, 1365×1231 mm

credits: Sohei Nishino, Diorama Maps, Paris,May 2007 – November 2008, light jet print, 1558×1348 mm

The aim of the Diorama Series is to create maps of all cities in the world through performative experiences in each city. The Japanese artist Sohei Nishino visits cities all over the world, collects and produces the basic stuff like e.g. photos on location.
Preparing the different layers which make up the maps, Sohei Nishino proceeds in three conceptual steps: Walking around the chosen city on foot; shooting from various location with film; pasting and arranging with enormous mound of pieces.
Afterwards he creates the Diorama Maps by selecting and putting together the material right from his memory.
Using his personal point of view Sohei Nishino manages to integrate the intricacies of life of each city to the map.

Michael Hoppen Contemporary, London
Sohei Nishimo – The diorama Map Series
February 24 – April 2, 2011


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  1. wow! tolle werke.

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