it`s a man`s world.

Hendricus Theodorus Wijdeveld, sketch for Vondelpark Theatre, Amsterdam, 1919, reminding of a female body with its vagina serving as the entrance

In the 1960s a criticism from a feminist point of view arose, aiming to unreveal patriarchic structures in the fields of architecture and urban and regional planning. Critics were challenging the existence of formal aesthetic differences between male and female planners and found fault with the underrepresentation of women in the named fields which obviously has not changed up to the present:
The Austrian Chamber of Architects and  Engineers`annual report of 2010 reveals even in 2011 an enormous underrepresentation of women. The number of female architects has increased since 2000 from 945 to 1,248 upright powers – 185 of them are women. In the field of engineering there are 26 female engineers of 764 engineers with upright powers.

Another example showing that we`re still living in a man`s world concerning societal structures as well as the space that`s surrounding us: The University of Applied Arts Vienna has recently launched its programme for the upcoming silver lectures of summer term 2011. Starting today, March 6, 2011 with Zaha Hadid there`ll be only another (among 16 male speakers) female architect who is Marie-Therese Harnoncourt (the next ENTERenterprise-architects, Vienna) to provide the lectures with her perpective and experience.

April 7th, Peter Cook, Architect, London
April 13th, Peter Noever, Curator, Vienna
April 14th, Hitoshi Abe, Architect, Los Angeles
May 3rd, Jeffrey Kipnis, Critic, Columbus
May, 5th, Nicolai Ouroussoff, Architect&Critic, New York
May 10th, Gerhard Matzig, Writer&Critic, Munich
May 11th, Thom Mayne, Architect, Los Angeles
May 12th, Eric Owen Moss, Architect, Los Angeles
May 19th, Marie-Therese Harnoncourt, Architect, Vienna
May 24th, Greg Lynn, Architect, Los Angeles
May 26th, Brennan Buck, Architect, New York
May 31st, Winy Maas, Architect, Rotterdam
June 1st, Brett Steele, Architect&Critic, London
June 7th, Hani Rashid, Architect New York
June 9th, Michael Rotondi, Architect, Los Angeles
June 14th, Carme Pinós, Architect, Barcelona
June 15th, Wolf D. Prix, Architect, Vienna


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