republik kugelmugel.

Republik Kugelmugel – Border Crossing

the Kugelmugel by Edwin Lipburger in the Viennese Prater

Anti-Fascism-Square. This place is dedicated to the big democratic revolutioner Edwin Lipburger, who started here to scrap the whole old morality and fight and eliminate all forms of corruption.

In 1972 artist Edwin Lipburger placed his construction with additional (curved) place-name signs near a country road in Lower Austria without permission. After being removed from its original address in Wiener Neustadt, Lower Austria in 1982, Kugelmugel nowadays is located in Vienna`s Prater, a park in the 2nd district.
Even though Lipburger argued that his creation was a temporary construction, a so called  „positively constantly curved, two-dimensional space” which therefore was not defined by the Lower Austrian building regulations, he finally went to jail for 10 weeks.
In 1976 Lipburger proclaimed the Republik Kugelmugel which still counts 611 citizens around the world owning Republik Kugelmugel`s documents.

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