werkbundsiedlung vienna.

The Werkbundsiedlung in Vienna`s 13th district Hietzing was built between 1930-32 on the initiative of the Austrian Werkbund in the frame of social housing constructions by the community of Vienna.
Due to the motto of profitability in confined spaces 76 houses (six of them were destroyed in the 2nd World War) were built under the direction of initiator Josef Frank. Besides Josef Frank 31 internationally well-known architects were concerned with the housing construction:

Josef Frank, Richard Bauer, Karl A. Bieber, Otto Breuer, Josef F. Dex, Max Fellerer, Helmut Wagner Freynsheim, Hugo Gorge, Jacques Groag, Arthur Grünberger, Gabriel Guévrékian, Oswald Haerdtl, Hugo Häring, Josef Hoffmann, Clemens Holzmeister, Julius Jirasek, Ernst Lichtblau, Adolf Loos, Walter Loos, André Lurçat, Richard Neutra, Otto Niedermoser, Ernst Plischke, Gerrit Rietveld, Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky, Walter Sobotka, Oskar Strnad, Hans Adolf Vetter, Eugen Wachberger, Josef Wenzel, Oskar Wlach.

Between June 5, 1932 and August 7, 1932 the housing estate was presented as an exhibition to the public:

exhibition poster: International Exhibition Vienna, Werkbundsiedlung, 70 furnished houses, source

Originally the buildings were meant to be sold, but only about 20 of 70 houses entered into possession of private owners while the rest currently belong to the city of Vienna, Wiener Wohnen.
The housing estate is to be seen as one of the most important examples of modernity in Austria, and, as a World Heritage Monument it is protected. Nonetheless, the buildings are in worst structural conditions and therefore are listed as one of 97 cultural monuments to watch out for.
From September 2011 a profound renovation of the Werkbundsiedlung is planned and will be supervised by the WISEG (an association that has been founded especially for this matter).

Go there! The Werkbundsiedlung is a rather intimate but nevertheless urban and aesthetic appealing place. There`s a small museum located in the estate for further information:

Bezirksmuseum Hietzing
13., Am Platz 2
phone: 01/ 877 76 88

Werkbundsiedlung Wien
Wien, 13. Gemeindebezirk, Lainz
between Jagdschlossgasse und Veitingergasse
Josef Frank House: Woinovichgasse 32



site plan Werkbundsiedlung Vienna via

personal impressions of Werkbundsiedlung, Vienna, seen with Leica R7


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  1. consens

    sehr schöne fotos.
    danke fürs in-erinnerung-rufen!

  2. carmen

    oh bitte, gerne! ein ausflug dorthin lohnt übrigens besonders, wenn dort die gärten grün sind..

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