re-place the city.

screen shot, rePLACE BERLIN, May 25, 2011

In the competition of cities all over the world, it`s the image of each city that counts. Apart from the creation of images through planners, politicians or creatives the following project sneeks a peek at the image which is generated through its inhabitants`actions in day-to-day-life.
The project was initiated in 2007, this year expands to Beirut and Beijing and returns to Berlin again.
Your participation is requested: rePLACE BERLIN invites everybody living or visiting the city of Berlin to document a route you frequently pass. Contribute to rePlace Berlin with your very personal impressions by uploading your route and personalize it by adding documents like images, sounds, text or videos which illustrate observations and experiences you make on your way through the city.
Upload your stuff here or even download the route of somebody else to experience their everyday rituals, habits and actions!

* WORKSHOP BERLIN June 18-26: As part of this next stage of rePLACE Berlin, a workshop will be organized to consider the online collection of routes as a jumping off point for (re)experiencing the city via the stories and routes of the people living here. Workshop participants will follow the submitted routes, documenting and reconrding with video,photography and sound their observations as led through the words of our guides. Specific points from certain routes will be chosen as ‘landmarks’ for further research, creating a series of visual and historical investigations into the placeness of the city’s inhabitants. /press release/ further info via mail to mail(at)


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