pop-up sauna.

credits: H3T, The Bicycle Sauna Kolonk (2011)

credits: H3T architects, left: The Floating Sauna (2009); right: The Flying Sauna (2010)

We didn’t design a floating sauna on a pond near Poděbrady with great expectations, neither did we care much about originality of the structure. The primary task was to create a place where we could enjoy sauna with our friends or offer this experience to anyone interested, Prague-based architects H3T explain their first sauna design, The Floatable Sauna, which has been created in 2009.
Their latest design, the Bicycle Sauna Kolonk, is lightweight enough to tow by bike and long enough to accomodate up to six people.
Wherever your bike takes you, let the sauna pop-up! Guess it would be doing well in Vienna, too. Why not take the Bicycle Sauna Kolonk to the Danube?!
So if you´re in Prague, you can give it a try – the community bike-shop BAJKAZYL keeps a Kolonk model to lend! via

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