ever been dreaming of an allotgarden?

photos via Hüttenpalast

In case you have ever been dreaming of your own allotgarden, you should earmark this for your next stay in Berlin: apart from shabby and boring hotels, visitors can be part of the city in the new and absolutely charming Hüttenpalast, now.
In an old factory building with about 200 sq. in Berlin`s district Neukölln, the founders Sara Vollmer and Silke Lorenzen gave rise to an indoor garden with wooden huts and caravans as hotel rooms! To make your allotgarden feeling perfect, the hall is staffed with hammocks and swings…
The caravans (years of construction 1958 -1976) have been brought from the streets to the hall and been fully furnished and renovated by Berlin-based designer Yoraco Gonzales. Besides this more experimental and individual hotel experience, visitors do have the possibility to book a conventional hotel room with built-in bathrooms. The two ladies of course did not miss to arrange a place for their visitors to meet up with the local crowd: there`s a café providing breakfast and lunch with regional products!



2 responses to “ever been dreaming of an allotgarden?

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  2. Sarah

    A really awesome mobile home! :)

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