be part of a collective.

Casting bands or super models is a wide-spread phenomenon nowadays. Until October 31, 2011 internationally based artists and cultural workers can apply to an open call: The Austrian based cultural initiative Periscope will cast a collective of artists:

The idea is to form an artificial group that organises itself as a collective during the project progression. Artificial, as the participants haven´t known
each other before the call and possibly their domiciles and nationalities are widely divergent. Despite or the more the idea is intriguing: to work on a
sharing communication and a profile as a collective of artists.
We are searching for artists and cultural workers of all disciplines with tendency to interdisciplinarity, spirit of adventure, collective
development of ideas and tool testing. Pleasure for exchange and combination of divergent know-how and experiences, for
collective casting and joint production is wanted.
The focus is on the formulation of programmatic interests and the development of contextual guidelines for a mutual project. The aim is the transformation of a initially curatorial process into a joint think-tank. Transparency and publicity during the grouping process open up possibilities for exchange with an interested audience. Group definition, dynamic and network will be documented and presented. For this project – planned over a period of more than one year (till end of 2012) – periscope is looking for interested artists and cultural workers. Methodically symposium, podium,
public appearance and discussions, as well as cooperations with other art spaces and exhibitions at various locations are intended. / press release /

Insterested? See the open call for further info.

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