tracing mobility.

About two weeks of exhibition, discussion and events: The project Tracing Mobility: Cartography and Migration in Networked Space aims to examine

[…] the shifting terrain of global mobility and how developments in networked infrastructure are transforming our conceptions of time, space and distance. (…) Mobility has become one of the most important keywords in the discourse on globalisation, techno-economic change or the Information Society. The idea of nomadic, ‘mobile’ persons supported by spatial mobilisation of capital, goods and knowledge pervades politics and economics, technology and science, advertising and media, commerce and culture. The Tracing Mobility exhibition and symposium present a snapshot of the dynamic topography of this constant being-in-motion. […]

The pan-European arts programme Tracing Mobility was launched in 2010 in Nottingham, travelled to Warsaw and Amsterdam and will stop by in Berlin at the end of 2011 as an open platform event with an exhibition at Haus der Kulturen der Welt between November 25 – December 12, 2011. As part of the project, three artists have been invited to explore the wilderness completely on their own. They`ll present their experiences as sound samples, texts, drawings and location data on the project`s blog and in the upcoming exhibition in Berlin. Additionally held workshops and symposia with experts from the fields of urban theory, architecture, social sciences, computer sciences and geography will deepen the discourse. So save the date!

Tracing Mobility: Cartography and Migration in Networked Space
November 25th – December 12th, 2011
House of World Cultures


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