orte #21

Rona Chang, from the series Urban Scale

Rona Chang, from the series Moving Forward, Standing Still, (Part II)

Rona Chang, from the series Recreation

The cumulative effect of people on their environment motivates me to record an extended portrait of society in a simple and quiet manner. Photographs bridge local and global experience, the gulfs between present and past, the self and the world. Places contain a complexity that reveals the marks of history and psychology in building, sky, construction and their interrelationships. I record themes of urban sprawl, sites of industrial activity, architectural infrastructures, and waterways, trying to visit and absorb as many places as possible. Combinations of conceptual order and practical chaos are present as I observe from a space located outside the area of activity. It is the intersection of human, climatic, and geographic realms that are contemplated in my photography. […]Rona Chang



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