the brain/city project.

all photos: Yaron Steinberg, left and right lobes of the brain, the brain/city project

With his diploma work the brain/city project Yaron Steinberg graduated from the department of visual communication from Bezalel Art and Design University in Jerusalem, Israel. Steinberg has created a giant sculpture of his brain, as he imagines it to be: “It is basically a city inside my brain that has all this different neighborhoods working together to form the city as one thing. I tried to create a platform for me to describe my inner world. It is an object used as a personal diary, an arena were events and worlds are working in symbiosis with one another and form a texture of life”, he says.
The sculpture is made out of cardboxes he found in the streets, it is 1,40m high and 1,60m long and contains an electric train, a tape recorder and Christmas lights. Additionally, Steinberg has produced (in a collaboration with Daniel Zini) a series of short movies, which act as recordings from his brain.
Having travelled to 25 countries so far and beeing rooted in the field of street art, Steinberg concerns the urban landscape as an inherent part of his visual world. “So in a way, the streets were my first gallery.”

Yaron Steinberg, Daniel Zini: recordings from the brain


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