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We have global time, belonging to the multimedia, to cyberspace, increasingly dominating the local time-frame of our cities, our neighborhoods. Nothing is ever obtained without a loss of something else. What will be gained from electronic information and electronic communication will necessarily result in a loss somewhere else. If we are not aware of this loss, and do not account for it, our gain will be of no value. This is the lesson to be had from the previous development of transport technologies. The realization of high velocity railway service has been possible only because engineers of the 19th century had invented the block system, that is a method to regulate traffic so that trains are speeded up without risk of railway catastrophes. But so far, traffic control engineering on the information (super)highways is conspicuous by its absence.

Paul Virilio in  SPEED – ISSUE 003 (2011) by Lodown Magazine, via


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tes one.

credits: Tes One, left: Primary Flight, Poster  / right: Make Way, 36×48, acrylic on wood

Interested in street art?  This could be something for you: From painting murals and graffiti art to compelling graphic design –  US-based artist Leon Bedore aka Tes One took some time to answer my questions.

As you career started with graffiti, that obviously still has a strong impact on your work, I’d like to know, what got you into graffiti in your early days? What’s your definition of ‘graffiti’?

I discovered graffiti art when I was about 15 years old. I just remember being so inspired and amazed that artists were creating work in the streets, and at the time it seemed to be everything I was looking for. My view of graffiti art then was this unrestricted outlet for expression. However as I got more involved in the culture surrounding it, I realized that “graffiti” did have it’s own restrictions and it did not summarize all that I was as an artist.
I still love graffiti art and it will always be a part of me – just not all of me.

What was the reason to concentrate more on graphic based art?

I wouldn’t necessarily say that I concentrate “more” on graphic based art, it just also happens to be another passion of mine. I enjoy merging my design and art abilities into my own style of work. When I first started out, I had not seen anything like what I was producing (which inspired me to pursue my art career even further). I enjoy the challenge of representing art and design in my work simultaneously, and I’m always looking for better ways to achieve it.

Your web-site`s titled “Ill Communication”. I guess the name is a play of the so called Beastie Boys Album..What does music mean to your work?

Yes, the Beastie Boys were practically the soundtrack to my life during my high school years, and “Ill Communication” is somewhat of homage to them and the influence their music has had on me.
I’ve always envied the power of music and it’s ability to touch so many people, so deeply and instantly. It’s something I strive for in my chosen medium, with each piece that I create. [FIND MORE ON THE POP]

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orte #21

Rona Chang, from the series Urban Scale

Rona Chang, from the series Moving Forward, Standing Still, (Part II)

Rona Chang, from the series Recreation

The cumulative effect of people on their environment motivates me to record an extended portrait of society in a simple and quiet manner. Photographs bridge local and global experience, the gulfs between present and past, the self and the world. Places contain a complexity that reveals the marks of history and psychology in building, sky, construction and their interrelationships. I record themes of urban sprawl, sites of industrial activity, architectural infrastructures, and waterways, trying to visit and absorb as many places as possible. Combinations of conceptual order and practical chaos are present as I observe from a space located outside the area of activity. It is the intersection of human, climatic, and geographic realms that are contemplated in my photography. […]Rona Chang


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quote #6

seen at Rax Alp, Austria

[…] Geography and space are always gendered, always raced, always economical and always sexual. The textures that bind them together are daily re-written through a word, a gaze, a gesture. […]

*Rogoff, Irit (2000). Terra Infirma: Geography`s Visual Culture. London: Routledge, p.28.

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quote #5

[…] How many maps, in the descriptive or geographical sense, might be needed to deal exhaustively with a given space, to code and decode all its meanings and contents? It is doubtful whether a finite number can ever be given in answer to this sort of question. […]

*Lefebvre, Henri (1991). The Production of Space. London: Blackwell Publishing, p.85.

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