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tag_ is a crowdsourced magazine done by international bloggers and photographers. It’s a magazine on urban issues exploring current happenings from across Europe.

Monika Kanokova (KATHMOGRAPHY) asked me to contribute an interview and photo to her project tag_ a magazine for urban issues 2011/2012. Take a few minutes to check out the whole magazine for free: http://issuu.com/kathmography/docs/tag.


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conflict kitchen.


Take-out restaurant meets public art project, serving food from countries that the United States is in conflict with. Et voilà: The Conflict Kitchen in Pittsburgh is born. Jon Rubin, Dawn Weleski and John Pena are the minds behind this intervention in Pittsburgh, intending to satisfy your appetite while educating the folks on political issues.

“Conflict Kitchen is a take-out restaurant that only serves cuisine from countries that the United States is in conflict with. The food is served out of a take-out style storefront, which rotates identities every 6 months to highlight another country. Each Conflict Kitchen iteration is augmented by events, performances, and discussion about the culture, politics, and issues at stake with each county we focus on. We are currently presenting the third iteration of Conflict Kitchen via La Cocina Arepas, an Venezuelan take-out restaurant that serves homemade arepas, grilled corncakes served to order with a variety of fresh fillings. Developed in collaboration with members of the Venezuelan community, our arepas come packaged in a custom-designed wrapper that includes interviews with Venezuelans both in Venezuelan and the United States on subjects ranging from Venezuelan food and culture to issues of geopolitics.”

Conflict Kitchen
124 s. Highland Ave,
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Conflict Kitchen on facebook

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we love the place we hate, then hate the place we love.

Trailer: Of Time and the City by Terence Davies, 2008.
Review summary by A.O. Scott
on New York Times
Review by Kenneth Turan on Los Angeles Times
Web site: Of Time and the City

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thecityandthecityandthecity mbOdied.

How can we understand the physical flows through this specific place and time in relation to constellations of urban thought? Can the bodily connection to these thoughts be mapped or choreographed or understood? Carolyn Deby (an artist and choreographer and currently artist in residence at UCL Urban Laboratory), who works internationally as sirencrossing, will be concerning these questions from an embodied perspective through movement, sound, text, place and video. Highlighting interactions with spaces, gazes and thoughts that lie beyond the boundaries of the institution and consider interleaved layers of an urban existence.
The site-specific choreography is limited to fourty visitors at a time who`ll be experiencing the performance by travelling together in and around the UCL`s Bedford Way building: In particular, flows between people, ideas, practices and territories within the Urban Laboratory, and between it and its surrounding ‘everyday’ contexts, will be explored as a series of simultaneous ‘cities’. “The movement of audiences through time and space is as important to the work and the experience as is the devised movement of ‘performers’ or the juxtaposition of events, images, words, sound and place that might occur during the course of a piece. The use of place centres on exploring and revealing the psychogeographic topography of specific urban environments”, Deby explains on her web-site, and furthermore: “I am interested in the collision between the built environment of cities and the forces of the natural world. It seems to me that the human body is itself the repository and the meeting point for all the conflicts, dreams and fragments that are generated on the border between concrete and green. I am most interested in the places where the city cracks open, or is forgotten: the places where decay and dereliction open up the possibility of seeing the city in an altered light.”

thecityandthecityandthecity mbOdied
a site-specific choreography by Carolyn Deby,
UCL Bedford Way building,
26 Bedford Way, London WC1H 0AP

Wednesday 25th & Thursday 26th January 2012
two shows nightly: 6:15pm + 8:15pm
free entrance
limited audience capacity – booking required

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cultural acupuncture treatment for suburb.

In times of urban sprawl and an enormous growth of suburbs around cities in the world, the project Culburb (which stands for Cultural Acupuncture Treatment for Suburb) aims to reactivating the public realm in the suburbs of Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Ljubljana and Bratislava by fostering acupuncture interventions that effect as well interactions between the inhabitants as the community life.

The pressure made by suburbia and sprawl to the core of a city is not just an infrastructural issue connected with financial investment, but it brings a paradox to the contemporary city because it is increasingly loosing one of its primary functions – housing. The majority of city users no longer lives in the city; home is beyond the city borders. This fact causes a new political map where city users, the ones living in suburbia, almost have stronger voting potential than city residents. This distribution of political power is deadly for the future of the European city. Either it is necessary to change the structure of political systems, or to extend city functions to suburbia and decrease daily migration. – Press Release

To start the cityfication of suburbia, individuals and collectives with artistic, architectural or backgrounds from other fields are invited to join the project with their ideas and interpretations that lead to socializing; the reduction of barriers; enhancement in the quality of the environment; and improved community life.

Detailled information on the call for entries can be found here.
Registration (culburb@culburb.eu) is open until 10. 01. 2012.
Submission in English language must be sent no later than 31. 01. 2012 on culburb@culburb.eu
Website: http://www.culburb.eu/

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